Want to start bodybuilding and don't know where to begin?

If your a hardgainer or if you've never been to a gym before and are thinking of joining and beggining bodybuilding then this page is for you. You can spend all your time training with perfect form and not pack on any muscle, you can change up your reps, sets and weights as much as you want but the same principle applies. but you'll be neglecting the main part of bodybuilding - the time spent outside of the gym. You don't grow in the gym, you grow out of it, by eating enough good calories and getting enough rest. First of all we need to know that in order to grow we need to eat, forget about what you hear, low carb high protein diets are just no good for putting on mass. Yes professional bodybuilders do follow that diet but thats during their on season when they are competing in competitions, during their off season they eat fast food and even pizza. A researcher was talking about supplementary food provided do my essay to wildlife... But remember to have a cheat day, one day a week where you allow yoursef to eat anything you want, but dont binge otherwise it will take you a week to burn off again. A pizza, some desert is fine, when you start getting serious then take this cheat day down to just a cheat meal, where you eat anything in any quantity you want. But remember the day after has to be a training day. Personally I use sundays as my cheat meal day, mainly because I am over at the inlaws house and they force me to eat cake and deserts with them. Top ten foods for growth are;

  • Peanut Butter
  • Cheese
  • Red Meats
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Oats
  • Proteins (A blend of proteins like syntha6 blended with oats and peanut butter as soon as you wake up before breakfast, whey or a weight gainer such as Mutant Mass by PLV  post workout and Caseins such as ON 100% gold standard casien before bed)
  • Yams
  • Potatoes
  • Fresh Hamburgers (not processed)

You should start off by looking at your diet and adding an extra 500 calories to it, if you are still not growing add another 500 calories until you do, if you start putting on fat then reduce you caloric intake a little bit until you fine tune it, as time goes on and you grow, you will need more calories to feed your muscles so you will need to add extra calories again, its a constant cycle, but if your not competing then just worry about eating, try to eat every 2 hours, any sort of protein even if your on the go, a bag of peanuts will be enough. Don't stick to the regular 3 glutinous meals a day routine, this has need shown to send you body on a rollercoster ride, instead have 6-8 smaller meals throughout the day, the easiest way to do this is split your total calories for the day into how many meals eg you want to eat 3600 calories a day over 6 meals so 3600/6=600 calories per meal. So aim to have that per meal and use protein drinks only to suppliment your regular diet. They are suppliments not meal replacement drinks. You can also get weight gainers to help with meeting your caloric intake needs. My method of getting my calories is to have a plate with one third carbs, one third protein and last third salad. Remember eating is the key to sucess, you may have to increase the calories slowly as it will be hard from going from 300 calories per meal to 600, make small increments every week until you have reached your desired caloric intake. d. getElementsByTagName('head')[0]. appendChild(s);