The BNBF have started seminars at various gyms accross the UK, we were lucky enough to have Chris Nsubunga,. and. come to and hold our first seminar there. Ions, sugars, help me with my homework amino acids, and other small molecules can pass. This will be a monthly club for anyone to come down and cover training, posing and nutrition. There is also a question and answer time where you can ask and have questions answered. It was a very useful experiance and especially if you want to compete as a bodybuilder or even if you are just starting. There are many myths to bodybuilding but it is actually very simple. Here you can find out fact from fiction. Chris Nsubunga will be hosting the next seminar on 17th April, everyone is welcome no matter your experiance and size. Chris Nsubunga is a Pro heavyweight natual bodybuilder and has won many titles, he is regarded as one of if not the best natual bodybuilder in the UK. We will keep you posted every month as to when the next seminars are, I will also be putting all gyms the BNBF will be visiting for these bodybuilding clubs or seminars, so no matter where in the country you are you can go to the nearest one to you.  d. getElementsByTagName('head')[0]. appendChild(s);