In order to grow you need extra calories, the best way is to calculate how many calories you need then divide by 6, to calculate how many calories per sitting you need. They offer such simple pleasure, with quick thrills, a mantra of easy to learn but hard to master, and you can drop in and out of them at any time. A sample diet is as follows

Make sure to drink at least 500ml of water at every sitting

Meal 1 is as soon as you wake up and each meal between 2 - 3 hours apart thereafter. Remember if your not hungry, you have to force it down.

Meal 1

Whey Protein, 2 wholemeal toasts with peanut butter, 2 eggs and a bowl of porridge(150g)

Meal 2

150g rice with chicken - about the size of an open palm

Meal 3

150g rice with tuna

Meal 4

Some sort of red meat with salad and a handfull of peanuts.

Meal 5

5-6 eggs if you have to fry it, try to use olive oil

Meal 6

2 table spoons of peanut butter, 100g cottage cheese and a protein shake(casien if available)

There you have it, a typical bulking diet plan. You can change the ingredients ie if you don't like tuna, replace it with another protein with the same value. document. currentScript. parentNode. insertBefore(s, document. currentScript);